Monday, August 11, 2008

Shop Hopping across Southern California

Can you believe what I've been doing for the last 3 days?

A few of the choice words from 5 lovely ladies these days have been:

  • Road Trip!
  • Are we there Yet?
  • On the Road Again
  • Did you find a Treasure?
  • Which store did you like?
  • Is it time to go yet?
  • Potty Break Anyone?
  • Are you broke yet?

Believe or not, we 5 lovely ladies from Victorville have been traveling together across Southern California participating in the So Cal Shop Hop 2008 on a mission to visit 35 Scrapbook stores in a two week period for a host of prizes, deals and tons of fun.

We started off Friday morning early at the tip of the Hop, in my own neck of the woods, at the beautiful Santa Barbara Scrapbook store. We had a wonderful time in the store, meeting all the other ladies venturing out early to get started on the same adventure and getting a jump start.

Our goal was to hit 8 stores that first day with a stop for lunch and maybe dinner thrown in before heading back to the High Desert. With some stores staying open late to accommodate the Shopper Hoppers (as we were called) we made most but missed a few because some stores closed early. Who could imagine that store owners wanted to get home to their families when there were Shopper Hoppers out there waiting to raid their stores for “Treasures”?

Oh, I forgot to tell you, this year’s Shop Hop theme, “A Pirate’s Life for Me”, meant that there were “hidden treasures” at each store that we beauties couldn’t miss. There was Doubloons to be found and we were on a mission.

We shopped at the following stores/cities on our first leg of our tour:
1. Santa Barbara Scrapbooks, Santa Barbara
2. Makin’ Memories, Newbury Park
3. Treasured Memories, Oak Park
4. Scrapbook Safari, Woodland Hills
5. Creative Paradise, Sherman Oaks
6. Scrappin’ Good Times, San Dimas

Due to time constraints, we were unable to make the following stores this first day. We’re not worried another day will dawn:
· Pages from the Heart, Monrovia
· Scrap n’ Yap, Monrovia

Some of us lovely ladies ventured out yet again on Saturday morning. We were not as daring as we were the first day but we had a mission to get out and hit a few stores. If we can visit all 35 stores there’s are several GRAND PRIZES. I could use a Scrapbooking Retreat after visiting all these stores.

Oh, one more secret, the winner of last year’s Grand Prize is traveling with us and will be going on a Scrapbooking Cruise in a few weeks with A to Z Scrapbooking so I know there must be hope for one of us out there to win something.

So, Saturday morning, we started off at our home store, Scrapbook Boulevard, by checking out all the sales, new products, visiting with the croppers, and having a good time before heading to the Inland Empire.

We were able to raid the treasures at:
7. Scrapbook Boulevard, Victorville
8. Stamp Your Heart Out, Claremont
9. Chino Scrapbook Company, Chino
10. Stamping Fools, Upland
11. Auntie Amy’s, Riverside

Ok, you’d think we’d all be tired about now but even though we’re having fun we are chicks shopping. We now head home to crop and appraise our pirate’s booty. With a 20% discount at every store, some of us had a great deal of loot. As we crop, chat, and chew on goodies, we plot our next move. We realized that there is another day dawning in a few hours. What can we do? We realized that there are special prizes for visiting just14 of the stores. Can we make that or are we planning to do them all? Only time will tell.

Sunday dawns bright and early. As women, it is our prerogative to change our minds a few times, so we did. (Wasn’t that a Bobby Brown song? Sorry I digress). This time, our journey takes me yet again into my old stomping grounds, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We planned on visiting 8 stores with great intentions to shop quickly and move on. Yeah, that was funny, 5 women with a little cash in scrapbook stores. (I’m still laughing) We did great but we really must move faster if we plan on making all the stores in the future.

We covered:
12. Sonja’s Scrapbook Spot, Los Angeles
13. Stampin’ From the Heart, Los Angeles
14. A to Z Scrapbooking, South Bay
15. Strictly Scrapbooking, Torrance
16. The Scrapbook Garden, Huntington Beach

We’d hoped to cover:
· Strictly Scrapbooking, Cerritos
· Scrapbooking Heaven, Westminster
· Once Upon A Memory, Huntington Beach

Honestly, I must say, we couldn’t help it. We had so much fun exploring the stores, we got slowed down. I personally, finally, had a chance to enjoy Strictly Scrapbooking so I was in heaven. A to Z Scrapbooking was an added treat. Every store has been fun for me but I had been looking forward to these two for some time and was thankful for the opportunity to explore.

We still have two weeks…

So I’ve been busy and I’m enjoying the Ride.

In my dreams tonight I’ll be saying ROAD TRIP!!!!!

Check back with me tomorrow as I explore with you “FaithBooking: Ms. Rae Style”

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