Saturday, August 23, 2008

I got my Favorites!!!!

I am a creature of habit… I like normal routine… I like to go to the same store all the time… I don’t like to shop for discounts or run around town to find a discount… I like to go where I’m going to be treated nicely… I want to know that my BIG SMILE and hearty laughter will be appreciated…

My favorites are based upon my emotions. Oh yes, Rae is a big softie haven’t you figured that out by now. I gauge many parts of my life by my emotions and I think that this is what defines the “Essence of Rae.” You will definitely have to visit my other blog to check out that subject. Ms. Rae’s Be Still n Know Blog

Anyway, I love the scrapbooking business because it is a business about having fun. I’m looking for the Wow Factor because scrapbooking is a place where we, as designer/creators, come to smile, share our memories with others and generally have a great time. This is why I have been a part of this world as a business owner for several years. It’s an opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face!!! My ultimate goal!!

“Don’t frown you’ll never know who may be falling in love with your smile”

I recall at the Lompoc Scrapbooker/Stampers Festival last year I had a blast as a vendor because I spent time with my customers, sharing the ART and LOVE of scrapbooking. Showing them how to use the products I had created. Showing them how to not just buy what I was selling but how they could give me a call later if they had questions. I wanted them to learn this wonderful Art form. I wanted them to know I was there for them now and in the future. That is what makes scrapbooking so special. We are passing down lasting memories to EVERYONE that we encounter.

This is how I decide on my favorite scrapbook stores. It’s hard when you’re moving around quickly to find what you’re looking for. I know as I looked around during the Shop Hop, there were several things that I looked for to add a store to my favorites list. That Wow Factor that I just mentioned is really high on my list but so is Products, Products, Products!!!

I personally want to support My Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) more than the big chain stores so it’s important that I find what I can at the LSS. I recognize that the LSS can’t carry everything but whatever they carry, I will do everything in my power to purchase from them if they are as accommodating to me as I am to them. I know there are things that only Joann’s will carry so off to Joann’s I will go.

Ok, there I said it Joann’s. I know I’m going to get beat up on this subject. Why do I like Joann’s Crafts so much? First off, I was an employee of Joann’s Craft’s Superstore in Ontario, Ca last summer and love the variety of items they carry. They will never be able to compare to our LSS but it sure is fun to explore the aisles and see what they have. Also, it doesn’t hurt to use that 40% off coupon once a week. The Annual Founder’s Day Sale doesn’t hurt either. It makes me smile. Ok, that’s all I’m saying about Joann’s.

So Scrapbook owners, we love your stores and will support you. That’s what makes this such a loving business.

For the record, I have my favorite grocery store because the cashier speaks to me when I go there or the produce guy doesn’t have a problem looking in the back to see if my special grapefruit containers have come in. When I lived in Santa Barbara County, I went to the same gas station for years, when he was a few cents higher because he took the time to explain to me how to not let air into my tank. I know these are simple things but these are the things that are the difference between making me happy or sad. No I don’t shop at the 99cent store or run all over town to get things from Big Lots because it doesn’t do it for me. Does that mean that I don’t value the dollar? Does that mean that I’m against someone that does? Does that mean that I won’t go there when they have something special I’m interested in? NO, to all of the above. It just means that it’s not my favorite because it doesn’t have the Wow Factor for ME.

Here are a few Rae-isms for the day!!!
Life’s too short!!!!
Find your Wow Factor and Go for it.
Don’t let me determine what it is. Define it for yourself. I did!

Don’t let Anyone Steal Your Joy!!!!

Keep Smiling Everyone!!!

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