Monday, August 18, 2008

I Finished the So California Shop Hop!!!!

Well, I officially completed all 35 stores!!!!! Yippppeeee.

I admit that when I started out on this Road Trip it was not my goal to complete all the stores. My passion in life is to Just Have Fun!!!! Even sick this past week, I have had a blast. In one week, I’ve visited 35 scrapbook stores as well as stopped at my favorite store, Jo-Ann’s Crafts, along the way. I’m excited and tired.

After last weekend, my plan was to just rest. Unfortunately, I spent most of the week in bed with a massive headache but ventured out with my dear friends one day to visit a few of the stores in the Inland Empire. It was a slow casual day for us as we journeyed to the stores, visited with the store owners, stopped and looked at the local sites and took our time heading back to Victorville.

It’s About Time… Scrapbooks & More in Murrieta was such a darling store I must admit. Beautiful chandeliers, cute chairs, wonderful displays, great ambiance and personable management made this store top my favorites list. Mel you did a wonderful job in my book!! I could have sat for hours in the store just exploring. Thanks for the experience.

We had an enjoyable day visiting:
1. Scrapbook Corner, Temecula
2. Scrappin Diva’s, Temecula
3. It’s About Time… Scrapbooks & More, Murrieta

After several days of resting, I joined the group again for a marathon run to get as many stores done as possible. The rules from the “Diva in charge of MapQuest” were: let’s get our books stamped, use the rest room, and run. Well, we all must stop and look at some things right? Some of us took pictures. Some of us looked for extra treasures. Some of us shopped. My mission was to collect tons of idea to come home to scrap and check out the great scrapbook stores. Our goal was to visit 13 stores that first day but made it to 10 even shutting down a few. I think that was monumental.

Yo Ho Ho A Scrappers Life was had at:

1. Ever After Scrapbooks, Carlsbad
2. Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks, Vista
3. Stamping Details, Poway
4. Yellow Bird Scrapbooking, El Cajon
5. Scrapbooking by Design, Laguna Niguel
6. Timeless Treasures, Rancho Santa Margarita
7. Oh Scrap!, Costa Mesa
8. The Red Bee, Tustin
9. Once Upon A Memory, Huntington Beach
10. Scrapbooking Heaven, Westminster

Yellow Bird Scrapbooking took the Pirates theme a step further by allowing us to play dress up. Now, I can be a ham with the best of them but playing dress up is not really my cup of tea. For some reason, I was in rare form this night and totally enjoyed becoming the “Pirate Princess” that I am. Please don’t hold it against me, remember I was suffering from a major headache. Yo Ho Ho.

After a long day, we arrived back to Victorville ready to sleep. Not knowing if we were going to be able to finish the stores the next day or if we needed one more weekend to finish we needed all the rest we could get.
We started out early Sunday even though our first store wouldn’t open until 11:00am with intentions to be there on time. Starbucks here we come… Oh, they forgot, I don’t drink coffee!! I love these ladies because they were gracious enough to make a detour for me to get an ICEE for the road. Thanks Ladies.

Our first store planned for the day was Strictly Scrapbooking- Cerritos. As I mentioned before, this is one of my favorite stores, but we had rules. I’ve been known to find loopholes in the rules. I didn’t need to make a potty run so while everyone else went to the restroom, I was on the hunt for that great Teresa Collins Travel Paper.

The day before, I saw a great mini album by Ally Serrato at Pink Pineapples in Vista and I had to have just a couple of sheets of this paper. I had dreamed about this album all night. Thanks Pink Pineapple!?!? Since I hadn’t bought much on this trek, I felt I deserved to treat myself to a few pieces of paper. RIGHT? So while they were in the bathroom, I found my paper. Can you believe it hadn’t been entered into the system yet? So here I was bending the rules and had to wait for these wonderful sales associates to find the price for my great paper. This is why I love the scrapbooking business. People are so helpful. They called the owner, found out the price and like a flash I was able to purchase my paper. I was a happy camper. Oh, you know my friends teased me for finding the loophole in the rules but oh well you only live how many times? ONCE!!!!

So, back to the game plan and we were on track yet again.

Our journey led us to:
1. Strictly Scrapbooking, Cerritos
2. Scraparazzi, Whittier
3. The Scrappin’ Table, Placentia
4. Scrappin’ in the Hills, Anaheim Hills
5. Pages From the Heart, Monrovia
6. Scrap n Yap, Monrovia

As I mentioned, I had been in pain most of this journey and was not paying much attention to my passport. I knew I was close to being finished but didn’t realize I only had one store to go. As I walked up to Scrap n Yap in Monrovia, my partners in crime tell me it’s time to take my picture for the contest. I’m easy going and I even take the paper sign that they had made for me. Just as I go to get my picture taken, I realize I hadn’t read the sign. It reads “This is my Last Store.” I then got excited!!!! I was done. I had successfully completed 35 stores. The ladies in Scrap n Yap were so gracious to welcome me when they realized that they were my last store. I even got to stamp my own passport. What a fun journey!!!!

I don’t know if I’ll win one of the fancy prizes but I feel like I’ve already won. The fun of the journey alone has been worth it. That doesn’t mean that if I win, I’m turning the prize away. Are you crazy?

I want to thank my new Victorville Scrapbook Sisters for welcoming me into their circle of friends. I’ve only known these ladies for a couple months but I feel like I’ve known them for years. We’ve been cropping together, traveling together, retreating together, and shop hopping together. I feel truly blessed to have met you all.

Thanks for the Journey!!!


Scrappin' Divas

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