Sunday, August 24, 2008

Auntie Amy's Has the Wow Factor

Ok, I thought I was done talking about the Shop Hop but since my last entry was about favorites and the Wow Factor I would be remiss if I didn’t share this with you.

I’m a person that believes in lasting impressions. Usually when you’ve experienced the Wow Factor someone has made a lasting impression on you.

A few months ago, I attended the Riverside Stamp and Scrapbook show and had the rare opportunity to visit Auntie Amy’s Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook store in Riverside, CA. I admit at first I was reserved because I’m not a rubber stamper anymore. I’m strictly a scrapbooker so when I see stamps I kind of turn a blinds eye and chill. No disrespect to the store but “Been There Done That”.

Lo, and behold, out walks this personality that I will never forget, Auntie Amy. I believe that I even shared with her on that first visit that I used to be a stamper and was a die hard scrapbooker now. She didn’t get angry she took the time to show me what her store could offer me. I liked her already!!!

Let me tell you what sealed the deal, besides the AWESOME kernel-free popcorn… (It’s to die for) The personality of this wonderful lady and her side kick, Jennifer was beautiful. They both graciously showed us around the store and sold us on products we were still on the fence about. For me, it was Glimmer Mist!!!! You gotta love that stuff. Just can’t sell me on why I need all the colors but we shall see… Sorry, I digress.

As we left the store, Auntie Amy, as we all affectionately call her, comes out to take our picture. Her sense of humor had us laughing continuously as she teased our one camera shy friend to “act like you like these people.” We all laughed as we entered the car because we had experienced a wonderful Auntie Amy adventure in Riverside. The adventure was even better when we realized that she had left us all special goodies in our bags. What a Lady!!!!

Now a few weeks later, I visited the store as a part of the Shop Hop. Auntie Amy met us at the door with the same excitement as she did before, like we were old friends. I love it!!!! We had a wonderful time with the talented Jennifer doing the Make n Take, learning Glimmer Mist techniques, and seeing Prima Flower ideas. Yes, we got sold on yet more Glimmer Mist.

What I failed to mention is that, we called Auntie Amy as the store was closing to see if she’d stay open late to accommodate us Shop Hoppers. She graciously stayed open with a smile, drinks, snacks, and what my mother would call “good-ole Southern Hospitality.” With this type of hospitality, I’m happy to return and give this big-hearted lady my business.

My heart was sealed to Auntie Amy’s store today when I journeyed with my friends who had to complete this final store on their Shop Hop passport. What a treat. Again, Jennifer and Auntie Amy, treated us graciously with bottled water and snacks, showed us all the specials, guided us around the store and made our visit enjoyable. I had a marvelous time. I even think it’s cute that she calls me Ms. Rae not just Rae. HUGE SMILE.

These highly talented ladies have what it takes to be considered a favorite store. I feel the Wow Factor every time I enter the store. This is what makes scrapbooking such an enjoyable business. If you haven’t visited the store I invite you to go in and say hello to Auntie Amy and Jennifer or take one of Jennifer’s awesome classes. While you’re there grab a bag of popcorn and tell them the Victorville Divas say hello. Thanks for the Wow Factor!!!

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Jennifer Priest said...

How awesome!! I always hear good things about their store and have a great experience every time too. Thanks for sharing!!

Jamie Martin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I haven't been to Auntie Amy's for a while, I'll have to take a trip down there. said...

I'm glad you had a good experience. I had a very less-than-positive experience there. Besides the very unfriendly welcome I got the very first time I walked in and the staff poking fun at me for no apparent reason besides the fact that I am a scrapbooker (not a stamper) the prices were way too high! I live literally right around the corner from Amy's store and I refuse to go in there again. I'd rather spend the gas and go to someplace where my dollar actually gets me something and I am greeted in a friendly manner. Maybe Amy et al was having a bad day, but I did complain later but it was ignored and not even responded to. That is RUDE to me and not worth getting my business.

Melissa E said...

I did not do Shop Hop, but I did do Scrapbook Royalty's Black & White and Scrap All Over event. Auntie Amy's was listed as a "bonus" store, because it wasn't a scrapbook store. But WOW ... several of us found more cool scrapbook goodies at Auntie Amy's than we did at the other scrapbook stores. The service was awesome, too. I was curious about Glimmer Mist and got an on the spot demonstration. I'll be going back for a second visit soon!

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